AT&T U-verse | Christian De Anda | Marketing Manager
I would best describe Alternative Strategies as a team of creative and innovative marketing geniuses. We have been impressed each step of the way- from the design of our direct mail campaign to the design of our promotional products to securing media exposure around the AT & T U-verse launch. They are a boutique agency that is top notch service and great ideas. If you are reading this testimonial, please don’t think any further about using the services of any other agency. You will love the Alternative Strategies experience.
Verant Group | Eric Lingenfelder | Owner
We have been working with Alternative Strategies for over five years. Their team continues to be instrumental to our success. As the owner of five San Diego establishments (barleymash, Uptown Tavern,  True North Tavern, Tavern at the Beach and Sandbar ) it is very important we work with an agency that understands the diverse customer base of our establishments, and works closely with the management of each location. Alternative Strategies is responsible for our PR, Marketing, Graphic & Web Design, Advertising and Social Media. I continue to be amazed by their commitment and their creativity. We view Alternative Strategies as a partner and I am very happy with our working relationship. I continue to learn about the importance of PR and Social Media and, more importantly, I continue to see the results and it’s benefits–thanks to Alternative Strategies.
pbsc-sunsetlogoDuck Dive Logo Pete Cich | Owner | Pacific Beach Shore Club & The Duck Dive
This company ROCKS! Hands down the best marketing team I have ever come across. Professional and friendly they deliver creative and efficient results every time.William, the founder and a marketing guru in his own right put together an amazing team to handle our accounts. I started out using them for Social Media, and they blew me away with the results. Our social media outlets sky rocketed !! My favorite is the social media analytic we receive every month keeping us in the loop on all aspects of our social media. Huge help! After the great social media success we experienced. William then placed us on his PR/marketing plan, which opened the doors to invaluable media exposure I could have never imagined.  We have since been on the best morning talk shows, free radio pub, and have had some of the best food critics in our restaurant. All this because we teamed with Alternative Strategies. The opportunities keep rolling in. Honestly it’s a challenge to keep up with these guys.  The team is always accessible for my questions and concerns, which is comforting for a business owner. Oh yeah and they do great graphics work too!  We recently redesigned our menus and website, and the crew hooked it up!! Hip and Fresh were the words I heard after launching our new menus and website. The team is full of great ideas.  They all get together in a think tank of sorts, and out comes your product with a cool finish. To anyone looking for the answer: you might want to call William and the gang at Alternative. The results are unparalleled, and the family feeling you get is a pleasant bonus. They always take care of us, and I couldn’t be happier with this company.
USMC MCRD San Diego | Kelley Sitar | Race Director
I have used Alternative Strategies service’s for the past 5 years for the Marine Corps’ Annual BootCamp Challenge Event. Alternative Strategies helped achieve the necessary Public Relations I desired, and showed me how to advance our marketing into Social Media. The Alternative Strategies Team were always available to answer my questions and provide me with creative ways to improve our promotional techniques and expand our advertising market. We enjoy working with their creative and committed team of professionals.
Escondido Police Officers’ Association | Michael Garcia | President
The Escondido Police Officers Association has had a long tradition of giving back to our community. Our motto is, “Proudly Serving Our Community” which we take very seriously. Over the past several years we have developed several community outreach programs that include sponsoring the Stepping Up – Youth Academic Mentoring Program, Escondido Public Safety Scholarship, COPS For KIDS charity golf tournament and much more. In an effort to get our message of service out to the community, we enlisted the highly recommended talent of Alternative Strategies. Though Alternative Strategies had limited experience with an organization such as ours, we felt their references spoke volumes about their ability to get the job done. As you might suspect, they did not disappoint. The talented team at Alternative Strategies has not only helped us lay out a longer term public relations plan, but they have re-built our website from scratch, and revamped our Facebook page and newsletter making them much more professional and user friendly. These are just a few examples of how Alternative Strategies has been able to assist the Escondido Police Officers Association in maintaining our professional image. Most of all, they have brought a fresh perspective and an innovative approach to our public relations goals. The staff is professional, responsive and all business. We look forward to continued success with Alternative Strategies.
Stroller Strides | Chief Founding Mom
I remember as if it were just yesterday. William and I met seven years ago for coffee at a local Starbucks where I shared with him the concept for Stroller Strides. We established a working relationship that has truly been instrumental to the success of Stroller Strides. As you may know, PR has been instrumental to the growth of my company. The entire Alternative Strategies team is professional, creative, caring, and very enjoyable to work with. So it is with great pleasure that I provide you with this testimonial. I am confident you will benefit significantly from a working relationship with Alternative Strategies. I promise that you will not be disappointed.
l_skinnygene Marlayna Bollinger | Executive Director | Skinny Gene Project
As the recent recipient of the Non-profit of the Year award we knew we had to make some significant changes to our website to appeal to an expanding audience. With the collaboration of Alternative Strategies we were able to generate ideas and express the goals for our non-profit. They rapidly took our ideas and transformed our web presence from something small and basic to having an interactive and more importantly, a national appeal. Fresh images, social media links, success stories and informational material about The Skinny Gene Project are just a few of the new features that allow our nonprofit to spread awareness at a national level. It is apparent that Alternative Strategies has a great, well rounded team to execute exactly what their client wants. We really appreciate the hard work and creativity Alternative Strategies has done for our logo and website design.
MADD Jill Wagner | Executive Director | MADD – San Diego Chapter
We contacted Alternative Strategies to create a design campaign that would be displayed in restrooms of local bars and restaurants. When meeting with Alternative Strategies we conveyed a goal of creating a campaign that would be attention grabbing and really make people think about driving after drinking. We wanted something that would create that “wow factor” using a bit of fear. The campaign Alternative Strategies created included taglines, photography and various messages that would truly grab the attention of anyone that saw them. We were totally blown away with the end results of what they came up with. The campaign created by Alternative Strategies received the attention of MADD on a National Level. One tagline created for their ad campaign is now used on a National Level. We were also delighted to find out the campaign created by Alternative Strategies went on to receive a local and national award. Thank you Alternative Strategies for an incredible job.
logo 180x180
Luis Pena | Owner | Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro
Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro offers a unique Baja-Mediterranean cuisine that most San Diegans have yet to be exposed to and we needed to find a way to get more people through the doors and try something new. I am thrilled that we found Alternative Strategies to help us spread the word about Romesco’s. Alternative Strategies made food lovers all over San Diego and across the border drive miles to our Bonita location to taste Chef Javier Planscenia’s Baja-Mediterranean cuisine. Just to name a few, the Alternative Strategies team has increased our social media following to the thousands, helped promote events and launch our now successful lunch, and secured multiple local and national media exposure including the most recent win, Best Tapas from San Diego Magazine. In addition, they have implemented successful programs that we would have never put in place without their guidance that has helped boost our success. When we were in the planning stages of opening our new restaurant, Bracero Cocina de Raiz, Alternative Strategies was there every step of the way. They were able to create a customized plan to drive the growth and development of Bracero months before we opened the doors. They secured both local and national press coverage and created a significant amount of buzz about the restaurant. The whole team is very approachable and I admire their think tank approach to helping us grow. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better marketing team and group of people than what they have at Alternative Strategies.

Johan Engman | Owner | Fig Tree Cafe & Breakfast Republic
As a client of Alternative Strategies since 2013 I have no qualms saying that making the decision to hire them as my marketing/PR firm has been one of the best professional decisions I have made. The entire team at Alternative Strategies genuinely cares and have done a tremendous job at securing exposure for each of the Fig Tree Café locations.
The overall “brand” transformation has been tremendous through everything from our online presence and media coverage (print and TV), to our professional image as Alternative Strategies completely redesigned our website.
Prior to hiring Alternative Strategies I tried to do accomplish everything from PR, social media, monthly eblasts and web design in house and through a number of different sources. Now, about 3 years in to our relationship with Alternative Strategies it has been such a relief to be able to relinquish these responsibilities to a firm that takes upmost pride in what they do and more importantly deliver on their promises over and over again.
More recently, Alternative Strategies were heavily involved in the opening of my new restaurant, Breakfast Republic. The design team were instrumental in helping us create our brand by designing our logo, crafting our menus and website and everything in between. With the help of the PR and Social Media teams the opening was a huge success and we have continued prosper since then. From concept to creation, Alternative Strategies was there every step of the way!
Having all these services under one roof has made the use of my time much more efficient as I can touch on a number of different topics and aspects (from social media to updating our menu online etc) in one single email as the staff at Alternative Strategies work exceptionally well together and communicate amongst themselves to accomplish my goals! If you, like I was, find yourself working with different people and firms I would highly recommend giving Alternative Strategies the opportunity to save you time and condense all these services under one roof. You won’t regret it.
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