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We help our clients create positive change.

We deliver positive change through strategic thinking, creative execution and engagement.

Our team of talented brand thinkers, digital strategists, designers, publicists, copywriters and developers are dedicated to helping our clients develop more meaningful relationships with their customers through brand, creative and the digital channels.


William founded the agency in 2000. He has over 15 years of experience in marketing and PR, specializing in retail, automotive and franchises and has won national recognition for marketing and PR campaigns he has created. William holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and a master’s and doctorate in Education from Northwestern University-Chicago. He gained significant marketing and PR expertise during his tenure at such noted companies as Nordstrom’s, Enterprise Car Rental, Thrifty Car Rental, Nine West, and Planet Hollywood. Working for these companies gave him an inside look at franchise-based organizations, business-to-business and business-to-consumer advertising, and large-scale marketing implementation.

Critical thinker and strategist with a successful track record in producing integrated marketing programs, public relation campaigns and brand management initiatives.

Stealthy marketing partner with experience in brand architecture that transcends cultural barriers for local, regional or national implementation ‘branding with a cultural pulse.’ An integrator with expertise in client and agency collaboration and coordination for optimal brand activation and success.

Cross-functional leader and creative problem solver with strong skills in account management, and significant accomplishments in developing marketing and promotional programs that deliver high-ROI value in a broad array of consumer categories and industries.

Client Partner and innovation advocate, relentlessly focused on the ‘consumer experience’ willing to leverage marketing\agency disciplines to solve customer unmet or unarticulated needs. Subject matter expert and cultural strategist and tactician in developing multicultural marketing and communications programs.

Boundary spanner, change agent to inspire media neutral ideas fusing brand analytics, intuitive imagination with ingenuity to trigger transactional opportunities for through the line multi-channeled communication initiatives and digital campaigns along with event activation programs. Successful client engagements in: hospitality, health/medical/beauty, nonprofit, law enforcement, governmental, retail, franchises and restaurant/food related sectors.

With a nose for news and a passion for following industry trends, Paige knows how to ignite the interest of media. She has worked in the PR industry since 2012 with a variety of clients ranging from restaurant and hospitality accounts to consumer goods and products.

Paige continues to build relationships with local, regional and national media, helping her secure print and broadcast coverage for clients on a regular basis. She stays up-to-date and informed on local events for potential client opportunities. Paige’s background in the hospitality, marketing and customer service industry keeps her in the loop on up-and-coming hot spots and trends around San Diego. 

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Paige made her way out west on her 18th birthday. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies, and minored in cultural geography. Paige also held the position of senior staff columnist for the Opinion section of her college newspaper.

In her free time you can find her reading anything written by Anthony Bourdain, re-watching Chef or making her way through the growing culinary scene of San Diego, one bite at a time.

Casey comes to Alternative Strategies with a passion for building relationships across all types of media. She brings with her a background in the hospitality, technology and beauty industries, and has worked on both the agency, in-house and client sides of the PR industry. Casey knows what it takes to get the attention every brand deserves. With her strong drive and smart execution, Casey’s past top-tier media placements include The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, Travel + Leisure, Lucky and InStyle, just to name a few.

Casey has a love for discovering new restaurants and products, and enjoys sharing her finds with friends and family (and posting about it to social media).  California born and raised, she enjoys spending as much time in the sun as possible, preferably with her toes in the sand and a book in her hands.

Casey graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Marketing.

Christina Micklish is a PR, branding, and communications leader with over 15 years of experience connecting people, identifying new strategic business opportunities and quickly building brand awareness through innovative marketing and communication programs across a variety of industries: NFL, beverage, lifestyle, healthcare, design and development.

At her core, Christina gathers needs to execute vision-driven solutions in all environments. She earns others’ trust authentically and quickly, which allows her to gain subsurface information to help people reach their highest potential. Her cheesy life motto: “believe and achieve” is laughable, but has consistently sparked conversations, leading family, friends, organizations and strangers to pursue strategic paths for success.

She’s a born-and-raised SoCal kid who fell in love with San Diego in 2001, while obtaining a degree in psychology from SDSU. Connection, community and creativity are the grounding elements, which are a consistent draw for Christina. Whether that be travel, a meal shared with loved ones, or an impromptu dance battle, she’s known to commit wholeheartedly.

After living in Cincinnati, Ohio for most of her life, Sydney longed for a beach beyond her desktop background. Determined to make this a reality, she packed her bags and made her way to sunny San Diego the day after graduation. She sought a career that would merge her passion for writing with her inner foodie.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a minor in Psychology, and certificates in both Public Relations and Creative Writing, Sydney feels that her diverse academic background is a product of being raised by two research and development chemical engineers. Despite her parents’ best efforts, they were unable to lure her into their field by way of children’s physics books at bedtime and weekend trips to science museums. Instead, Sydney adopted their research tendencies and incorporated them into her creative writing.

Sydney’s work experience at privately owned restaurants has sculpted her outlook on the hospitality industry, rendering a perspective that is both client-oriented and conscientious. She joins the Alternative Strategies team as Media Relations Coordinator, enabling her to utilize her backgrounds in public relations, creative writing and behavioral sciences.

With an old soul and longstanding infatuation with the ocean, Sydney can often be found jamming out to Frankie Valli and The Beach Boys, taking surfing lessons, or unsuccessfully trying to catch her whippet, Agador, at dog beach.

Jessica’s strong sense of adventure brought her halfway across the country, from Kansas City, Missouri, where she was born and raised. She packed only what fit into her mid-sized car, including her two younger sisters, and headed west for the Golden State. Having always dreamt of living in California, she enjoys the year-round perfect weather with trips to the beach, finding new places to hike, requesting patio seating at restaurants whenever available, and bringing her trusty “sidekick” (dog) Kona along for it all.

Jessica graduated from Truman State University with her BA in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in Psychology. While serving as the school’s Homecoming Committee public relation’s chair, she quickly discovered her interest and aptitude for communication and relationship building. Jessica further developed these skills, and discovered a hidden passion for writing in her most recent career in the event planning industry.

Being raised by a left-brain, business-minded father and a right-brain, creative-thinking mom, Jessica brings her ability to see and understand a wide array of viewpoints and is able to incorporate the best of both ways of thinking. She is beyond excited to be a part of the Alternative Strategies team and bring along her enthusiasm, desire to problem solve and her overall zest for life!

In her free time, you can find Jessica cheering on her favorite Kansas City sports teams, trying out new and often challenging (or maybe just challenging to her) recipes, working out and reading.

Born with boundless energy, a sunny disposition, and a wandering soul, Caitlin grew up hiking the rolling hills of the East Bay Area. Following high school, this Northern California girl decided to trade the San Francisco fog for the balmy beaches of San Diego and has never looked back. Every day, she is grateful for the chance to enjoy America’s Finest City and all of the diverse experiences it has to offer.

Graduating summa cum laude from the University of San Diego, Caitlin searched for a way to bring together her B.A. in Communication Studies, her minors in Marketing and English, and her passion for writing, finding this perfect medium as a public relations intern at Alternative Strategies. Enamored with the industry, Caitlin pursued her calling and joined the Alternative Strategies team full-time as a Media Relations Coordinator.

With a knack for storytelling and a drive for excellence, Caitlin is thrilled to apply her marketing experience, interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for building a narrative to her position at Alternative Strategies, where the success of her clients is her number-one priority.

In her free time, Caitlin can often be found taking on life with a sense of humor and exploring her new home, while chasing her insatiable appetite for new food and craft brews. You also might find her soaking up the sun and obsessing over other people’s dogs at the beach.

It wasn’t until college that Tiffany found out that what she loved doing was called graphic design. As a kid, she was always finding ways to tweak the HTML in her blog, or design the covers and dividers of her notebook. Once she got to college, she decided to take the leap and study graphic design, which only confirmed that this was her calling. Tiffany went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in graphic design from Binghamton University. Shortly after, this NYC native made her way out to San Diego, where she found a position as a graphic design intern at Alternative Strategies. Afterwards, Tiffany continued on to lead the graphic design department at a local social media agency. A year later, she is excited to be rejoining the team at Alternative Strategies!

As a designer, it is important to continuously learn and grow, and this is what Tiffany strives to do. She believes that design can be found all around. Tiffany loves to experience working with the many different mediums of graphic design and her passion for design and attention to detail are evident in her work.

Being from the Big Apple, Tiffany definitely enjoys the beautiful weather that comes with San Diego. In her free time, she can often be found at the San Diego Zoo, exploring with her new puppy, Ollie, or just trying to find the next big bite around town.


Lauren began her career at Alternative Strategies as a graphic design intern in May 2015. It was during her year-long internship when she learned about the odds and ends of the agency. She graduated San Diego State University with a B.A. in graphic design, where she studied typography, packaging design, environmental design and print design.

Originally a marine biology major, Lauren disliked organic chemistry SO much that she decided to drop her major. While working in a restaurant, she met someone who was majoring in illustration, which inspired Lauren’s interest in hand lettering and typography. It was then when she decided to switch her major to graphic design, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Born in San Francisco, Lauren found her niche under the San Diego sun after high school. She enjoys playing beach volleyball, taking her dog on long walks, and eating at all the great restaurants in San Diego––like PB Fish Shop, barleymash and Breakfast Republic!

Juan Fran Blanco (a.k.a. John White, as he’s known by his American friends) comes from almost 6,000 miles away to Alternative Strategies in order to grow up professionally as a graphic designer and give a helpful hand to the team in everything he can possibly do.

Originally from Málaga, Spain, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and has specialized in Graphic and Web design with two Master’s degrees. Graphic design has always been his passion, even though he didn’t know that what he liked to do in his free time while he was in high school was called “graphic design.”

He worked on the East Coast before, and has a passion for America’s multiple ways of life. He admits he has a big ‘traveling-addiction problem’ and loves finding out about new places he has never been before.

A West Coast native, Paddy spent his younger years in the Pacific Northwest wearing dampened flannel and drinking craft coffee in Seattle, and then in Portland. Seemingly not cold enough, he then moved up to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and traded the wet for the frozen. Now, older and wiser, he understands why people like to live in Southern California and has taken to the sun and surf, swimmingly.

Earning a degree in Public Relations & Communications from the University of Oregon, Paddy set out to navigate his world one relationship at a time. Raised with a natural ability to comprehend situations, connect with people and share information has been at the core of his being from a young age. Spending time in event planning and production taught him to recognize people’s strengths and value their roles – he very much believes that it does, in fact, it takes a village. After braving the storms in the hospitality industry, he has developed a keen sense to identify what makes people tick, and what they need to see to feel supported and valued. You’ll see the effects of these experiences entrenched in his personal life, and he’ll tell you that he’s proud to have so many different types of people that he calls his friends.

Inspired with an appreciation for nature and its abundant offerings, few things keep Paddy indoors. You’ll find him dancing at outdoor concerts, enjoying decks and patios, or exploring hikes and highways. Rest assured that during each and any of those places, he’s with old friends, or making new ones.

Samantha was born and raised in Golden, Colorado – a small town known for the world-renowned Coors brewery! She grew up loving the outdoors and enjoying all of the beauty the Rocky Mountains have to offer. For a change of scenery, she decided to trade in the mountains for the beach to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. Samantha graduated UCSB with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media.

Since graduating college, Samantha has worked on various still and commercial advertising campaigns for Under Armour, Hyundai, Globus Travel, Athleta, Coors Banquet and more. She has also worked on a Netflix movie as well as Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks and Investigation Discovery’s Unusual Suspects. Along with working in production, Samantha has experience as a web content coordinator and social media/project manager.

Samantha has recently moved back to California and is excited to explore her new home; San Diego! In her free time she can be found hopping around town discovering new restaurants and bars, binge watching the latest Netflix series, practicing yoga, and relaxing with her toes in the sand.

She is delighted to be a part of the Alternative Strategies team and is eager to exercise her advertising and production experience and interpersonal skills… all with a business sense, creative mind and sense of humor!


Hailing from the Hoosier State, Ryne spent most of his summer days on the beaches of Lake Michigan and his nights around a campfire. For the first 24 years of his life, Ryne was never called by his real name, rather everyone referred to him as “Ryno.” Although he doesn’t love it, he’s become accustomed to going by his birth name.

Ryne attended college at Indiana University where he set out to become a dentist.  It was not until he explored a few creative electives, such as Production and Design, that he discovered his true passion was in new media and communications. Upon graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications, Ryne hopped in his Jeep to embark on a one-way trip to California, where he’s been for the last seven years. Ryne has over four years of professional experience working with clients on their social media, and has a lot of enthusiasm to bring to the table. His experience ranges from creating exciting and engaging content, to managing clients nationwide on strategies that improve their online reputation, and developing social campaigns that increase engagement and ROI.

In his free time Ryne can be spotted at Dog Beach with his golden retriever, Jaxon. Check him out on Instagram, #ActionJaxonK9! He also enjoys concocting creations in the kitchen or indulging in a delicious local craft beer on a patio somewhere.  

Newsha’s social media journey started when she was eight years old, way before the invention of Google! It began with mobilizing her friends to team up for a journalism contest at her elementary school, and later, convincing her teacher to take all the kids to watch a popular animation at the theater after school. Eventually, her interest evolved into a passion for understanding people and developing strong relationships based on honesty and trust.

Newsha studied Psychology in San Diego and graduated Cum Laude from University of California, San Diego. What made her fall in love with psychology was her interest in discovering the science behind people’s motivation and behavior. The only missing piece was that psychology couldn’t quench her thirst for art and design.

When she got her first internship in social media marketing, Newsha realized that this could be the perfect way to combine the principles of psychology with her creative and artistic side… and it worked! That’s exactly why she decided to transition to social media marketing full-time. She received a certificate in Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University and immersed herself even more in this field.

Not long ago, Newsha joined the Alternative Strategies team in order to put her people skills to the test and channel her love for writing, creativity and working with new people in her new role.

In her free time, she loves taking long walks and snapping pictures of nature and people, and yet, she doesn’t have a decent picture of herself! And when she’s not carrying her camera, Newsha can be found organizing parties and events for her friends.


Michele was born and raised in Galt, California – a small country town south of Sacramento. He grew up loving the outdoors, playing any sport under the sun, excelling in basketball. Ready for a change, he eventually took a leap of faith and moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University. Recently, Michele graduated from SDSU majoring in Marketing with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Michele came to San Diego with a true passion for marketing, looking for a chance to prove himself in the real world to anyone who would give him a chance. Eventually, Michele found his way to an internship with Alternative Strategies in November of 2015, where he learned to channel his passion for marketing into effective results for clients. While an intern, Michele had a client, Breakfast Republic that was named one of the “Top 10 Instagrams to Follow in San Diego” by Zagat Magazine. Eventually, Michele landed a full-time position at Alternative Strategies as a Social Media Coordinator, where he continues to pursue his passion for marketing matched with his desire to better himself.

In his free time, Michele can be found playing or watching any sport under the sun. He has a true passion for New England sports teams, specifically the Patriots and Red Sox, as well as his hometown Sacramento Kings. When sports aren’t involved, Michele can be found hanging out at the beach with his friends and enjoying all of the great restaurants and bars in San Diego such as Tavern at the Beach, barleymash, and Breakfast Republic! Michele also enjoys visiting many of the craft breweries San Diego has to offer. Some of Michele’s other hobbies include traveling, cooking and exploring the great outdoors.

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, RJ spent most of his childhood, ironically, at the ice rink where he grew up playing hockey.

RJ attended San Diego Mesa College while pursuing a career in law enforcement. To help pay for school, he found a job as lead trainer at Islands Restaurants. When he was offered an opportunity to run Islands’ social media accounts, he discovered a new-found passion for online marketing. After changing majors, RJ honed his skills in writing copy and SEO by starting a blog about what he was most passionate about; San Diego Comic-Con. Armed with the skills he learned on his own, RJ set out to demonstrate his abilities in a professional environment. He eventually found an internship at Alternative Strategies as a Social Media Intern, where he learned the ins and outs of the marketing realm. In his short time as an intern, he was able to increase his clients’ Twitter and Facebook followers by an average of 65%. RJ eventually landed a full-time position at Alternative Strategies as a Social Media Coordinator, where his natural drive to improve himself, coupled with his passion for online marketing, has flourished.

When he’s not working, you can find RJ at a brewery, exploring all of what San Diego’s growing craft beer scene can offer, surfing off the California coast, in line for the latest superhero movie, or at the ice rink practicing his slap shot.


Walter Wilson is currently photographing restaurants and commercial work out of his hometown of San Diego where he lives with his beautiful wife Ashley and English Bulldog Bruno.

In addition to Alternative Strategies clients, he has also shot for many other brands- including Jack in the Box, Rubio’s, Nike, LG Samsung, and Nixon.

Walter’s work has been featured in blogs, publications, and magazines ranging from The Knot, INSTYLE magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style me Pretty, San Diego Weddings, Wine Country Weddings, Pacific Magazine, Sonoma Weddings Magazine and many more.