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Biga International

There’s a new authentic (and affordable!) Italian option coming to downtown San Diego, and its name is Biga. Named after an Italian pre-fermentation dough and bread baking method, Biga is the seamless marriage of fast-casual and upscale. One step into the restaurant and you will understand this comparison, as white Carrera marble tops and elegant lighting fixtures offset a demonstration kitchen that you can peer into and watch your order come to life. Every ingredient that your food will possess can be seen being measured, manipulated and made to perfection by the talented team of chefs at Biga.

One of the keys to this fast-casual concept is its two 5,000 lb. Italian-made wood-fired ovens. These large and grandiose instruments heat up to 900 degrees, allowing delicious Neapolitan pizzas to be made in mere moments. Do not scrutinize the process – one bite will have you craving more, as the Biga cooking method provides for a light and lusciously open-textured crust, with only the freshest, perfectly sourced ingredients accompanying these delightful dishes. The service style allows for customization, but should you be lacking creative culinary ideas, Biga offers a variety of selections, pre-imagined by owner and head chef, Tae Dickey.

After extensive training in Naples, Italy, Dickey has brought more than just pizza knowledge back with him. Genuinely crafted Italian fare is also available, including items such as milk-braised pork, a plethora of salads, and wholesome bruschetta. Gelatos and gourmet coffee drinks are also offered, as well as draft beers and other beverages. Biga really has the whole package – not to mention at a below-competition price! Biga’s menu will be ever-changing, reflecting a seasonality of fresh ingredients in every dish.

If you’re looking to spice up your cravings for Italian, Biga is the spot for you. Their authentic and scrumptious fare will be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located at 950 6th Ave, Suite C in San Diego, they are sure to become a staple of the Downtown dining scene. Take a peek the next time you’re in the area, and discover why this new Italian eatery is such a Big-a deal!

article by: Cooper Nigut, Social Media Manager