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Bragging rights

Media Experiences – The AltStrat Way

We love boasting about our clients’ new menu items, interior design updates, cocktail creations and other newsworthy happenings. We especially love garnering interest from media and social influencers. It’s our passion. The AltStrat team encourages media to experience the latest and greatest aspects of our eateries firsthand, rather than simply reading about them in a news alert or pitch because, well, munching on a spicy new Carnitas Ramen or out-of-the-box Oreo Pancake is far more powerful than reading about them. It’s all about the “sizzle” — something we love to create.

Our team offers lots of opportunities for media to learn more about what our clients are putting out there to draw attention and elevate excitement. Here are a few of the things we focus on when inviting media in to learn about our clients’ updates and changes.

New menu items

The PR team continuously reaches out to media so they are made aware of new additions on our client’s menus. For instance, with winter around the corner, chefs and bartenders are mixing up new seasonal flavors. We invite our media pals out to enjoy an intimate experience for them and a guest, and encourage them to try those dishes. If they love our clients’ food and cocktails, people will certainly read about it.

Restaurant overhaul

We know our stuff when it comes to hosting a media night or throwing a party. If one of our clients has gone through extensive renovations, a menu overhaul or re-branding, we work with our clients to carve out time where media are invited to enjoy sips, tastes and tours together. Media guests are treated like VIPs with hosted cocktails, bites, a meet-and-greet with the chef, entertainment and more. These experiences are not to be missed!

Bigger picture

It’s our job to creatively think outside of the box to drive business and build buzz. As an example, we wanted to show foodies that great restaurants are found along the MTS trolley line. So, the PR team worked with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and invited local food writers to join us on a “Foodies on the Tracks Grub Tour.” We all enjoyed top dishes and drinks at three of our client’s venues, while hopping from one stop to the next. Also, to promote our Carlsbad clients, we’ve previously invited bloggers to join us on the Coaster for an easy ride to North County. Our “Adult Field Trip to the Park” resulted in a fun-filled day of rosé, barbeque and fireside chats with media. These tactics also resulted in some serious coverage for our clients!

Building the relationship

We pride ourselves on the tightknit relationships we have with media. Creating this doesn’t happen overnight; ergo, we make it a priority to have our own media experiences. For instance, the PR team set off on a two-day getaway to Valle de Guadalupe with top-tier media. We wined, dined and shared stories together surrounded by an unbeatable backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards. During our trip to Valle, we simultaneously connected with media while promoting the property, hotel and restaurants we visited. Food is one of the oldest forms of exchange and good conversations happen over great meals. It’s that simple.

When it comes to creating media experiences, Alt Strat loves to raise the bar and go the extra mile.