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Who we are

Alternative Strategies is an award-winning, full-service marketing communications firm that believes in the power of media exposure, branding and a meaningful online presence.

We understand that complex marketing issues require in-depth solutions. That’s why we’ve structured our agency as a creative “think-tank,” with employees representing every marketing discipline. Drawing on our experience and skill, we determine the precise nature of a marketing problem, then choose the right tool for the job. Whether it’s an ad campaign, a public relations initiative or a new package design, we get the job done right every time. How we get there is what separates us from other agencies.

What We Do

At Alternative Strategies, we’ve built our business on the principle that every product, company, and organization offers something that sets them apart. Something different. Unique. Special. Whether they know it or not.

Our job is to find that difference, and fool around with it. Bend it. Twist it. Shape it into something that will make your customers say “wow.” You could call it integrated marketing. We call it our “Commonsense Approach” that has not only made our agency and clients successful, but it has organically evolved the way we think about business.

Think Tank

All too often, clients are mystified by the creative and strategic process that occurs behind the scenes at marketing agencies.

At Alternative Strategies, rather than shrouding what we do behind an aura of mystery, we have designed our “Think Tank” approach to be a transparent, collaborative and fun creative process. We build organically upon the foundation laid down by the client, nurturing ideas and expanding them into award-winning and profitable solutions.

Whether the goal is a new corporate identity, an online marketing campaign, a website design or widespread media recognition, our core process remains the same. We start with a team of four, composed of a representative from each of our departments: advertising, social media, public relations, and creative. Later in the Think Tank process, the entire agency is called in to brainstorm, measure, and review results, with the client involved each step of the way to ensure that their vision is being met.

The process is initiated with a meeting to determine and/or review project goals, budget and timelines. During this stage, our team takes a holistic approach to the campaign; their first priority is to understand the client’s business: its unique challenges, core competencies and the competitive landscape.

The four-person team will then begin to brainstorm. Each member of the Think Tank brings a specific skill set and responsibility to the table. The advertising professional makes sure that our efforts deliver a wow factor; the social media expert works on increasing brand awareness through strategic planning and proven tactics; the PR representative makes certain our efforts impart credibility and brand recognition; and the designer conveys the story in print, web and image. From out of the Think Tank, ideas grow and dreams blossom.

Our brainstorming sessions result in several options for each campaign, as we cull the underwhelming and refine the worthy ideas. The second part of the Think Tank process includes all members of the agency, from the quality relations manager up to the agency principal. Once the entire team agrees on the excellence of the creative product, the client is invited to review the concepts and presentation. Only then is it released to the public via web, print advertising, product placement and/or PR campaign.

The job is not finished just because the campaign comes to fruition. Once the creative product goes public, we analyze the response to it to determine which of the channels was the most effective. We can then focus on this strategy in the future. This culture of creativity along with our dynamic Think Tank approach results in profitable long-term client relationships. Our process is fun as well as rewarding to the client, the agency and ultimately to the customer.

Core Competencies

We are first and foremost a “people” place.

Our real assets are our people. Our team is made up of a diverse and talented group of marketing professionals and creative designers who collaborate in a supportive environment.

  • We have a reliable and flexible system for getting to know a client’s business and their customers. Using our disciplined Think Tank approach, we combine account planning with secondary research to find results-driven marketing solutions.
  • We listen. Our point of view is based on information that clients and their customers find relevant. We maintain a strong emphasis on open communication.
  • We are passionate about our work and place a high value on the creative process, remembering to always measure results. And we only do work that is distinctive and meaningful.
  • We value and maintain a great work environment where we bring both professionalism and fun to every project, while being very respectful of our clients’ investments in us. We also strive to be flexible and easy to work with in every aspect of a working relationship.
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