Our Marketing Consulting services are available on a project or retained basis. In many cases, the unrealized potential is three-to-seven times greater than current sales. To help close that gap and transform a company’s marketing performance from average to superior, or to develop a plan for new businesses, Alternative Strategies offers services divided into the four stages of marketing program development and execution:


We use a collaborative approach to our consulting engagements, working with our clients to find solutions to their brand strategy and marketing challenges and/or initiatives. Our approach includes elements of our award-winning THINK TANK APPROACH.


Our Marketing Communications services are available on a per-project basis.

The combined power of the written word, along with creating effective marketing communications and branding strategies program are some of our top priorities. It’s imperative that your client knows immediately who you are and what you are selling, along with the benefits of using your product or service.  This is messaging that sticks.

You may have important information to share, but how it is being communicated and positioned in the mind of the reader is vitally important to your company’s success. Investing in your business starts by hiring knowledgeable marketing professionals to help achieve positive results for your business.

Creating plans for advertising, web content, sales and marketing is essential for short- and long-term business success. We understand the process, and will help you move your business to the next level.