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"We have been working with Alternative Strategies for over eight years. Their team continues to be instrumental to our success. As the owner of seven San Diego establishments (barleymash, ginger’s, Mavericks, Westroot Tavern, True North Tavern, Tavern at the Beach and Sandbar) it is very important we work with an agency that understands the diverse customer base of our establishments, and works closely with the management of each location. Alternative Strategies is responsible for our PR, Marketing, Graphic & Web Design, Advertising and Social Media. I continue to be amazed by their commitment and their creativity. We view Alternative Strategies as a partner and I am very happy with our working relationship. I continue to learn about the importance of PR and Social Media and, more importantly, I continue to see the results and its benefits—thanks to Alternative Strategies."
Eric Lingenfelder, Owner
THE VERANT GROUP | Proud client since 2010
"I am thrilled that we found Alternative Strategies to help us spread the word about our numerous establishments. Alternative Strategies takes care of all of our marketing needs. From Public Relations, to Advertising, to Social Media to branding – they have us covered! They really take pride in what they do and I think that is evident in the work that they put forward. They have helped us to develop and build our brand by creating fresh designs and thoughtful graphics, as well as launching all of our establishments since their opening! The PR team has done a fantastic job increasing our media coverage and the Social Media team has continued to elevate our online presence. They have been instrumental in helping us to transition from our experience at the beach community to expanding our restaurant group to other communities throughout San Diego. We view Alternative Strategies as an extension of our team and look forward to continuing our partnership for the foreseeable future."
Pete Cich, Owner
GRIND & PROSPER HOSPITALITY | Proud client since 2012
"As a client of Alternative Strategies since 2013 I have no qualms saying that making the decision to hire them as my marketing/PR firm has been one of the best professional decisions I have made. The entire team at Alternative Strategies genuinely cares and have done a tremendous job at securing exposure for each of the Fig Tree Café locations. The overall “brand” transformation has been tremendous through everything from our online presence and media coverage (print and TV), to our professional image as Alternative Strategies completely redesigned our logo and our website. Prior to hiring Alternative Strategies I tried to accomplish everything from PR, social media, monthly eblasts and web design in house and through a number of different sources. Now, about 4 years in to our relationship with Alternative Strategies it has been such a relief to be able to relinquish these responsibilities to a firm that takes upmost pride in what they do and more importantly deliver on their promises over and over again. More recently, Alternative Strategies was heavily involved in the opening of my new restaurant concept, Breakfast Republic. The design team was instrumental in helping us create our brand by designing our logo, crafting our menus and website and everything in between. With the help of the PR and Social Media teams the opening was a huge success and we have continued prosper since then. From concept to creation, Alternative Strategies was there every step of the way! In less than three years of our first location opening, we will have seven locations opened. Now as we expand our operations into Orange County, we have no doubt that Alternative Strategies will continue to deliver its exceptional commitment to our expansion and success. This ambitious growth required a committed marketing partner. Most recently, Alternative Strategies came out with the name of our restaurant group (rise & shine). They created the logo and website. Under this restaurant group, I am also opening North Park Breakfast Company, NorPa and Eggies. Alternative Strategies designed all of their logos, secured all necessary website domains and social media accounts. They also wrote the about description + messaging for my restaurant concepts. Having all these services under one roof has made the use of my time much more efficient as I can touch on a number of different topics and aspects (from social media to updating our menu online etc) in one single email as the staff at Alternative Strategies work exceptionally well together and communicate amongst themselves to accomplish my goals! If you, like I was, find yourself working with different people and firms I would highly recommend giving Alternative Strategies the opportunity to save you time and condense all these services under one roof. You won’t regret it."
Johan Engman, Owner
RISE & SHINE RESTAURANT GROUP | Proud client since 2013
“Alternative Strategies, led by William Lopez, is a an incredible marketing company! They have a full service approach which encompasses branding efforts, design, public relations, web design and a multitude of community outreach opportunities. He and his incredible team take full ownership of your brand and pour themselves into the overall success. They are fast, flexible, professional and highly involved. Their working knowledge of our industry alone makes them a very easy and obvious choice. I couldn’t have chosen a better company to represent my business wants and needs. They stand in a league of their own. I’ve never worked with a team who executes in every department. Working with them has only improved my team in more way than one. I look forward to working with this company for years to come.”
Cesar Vallin, Managing Partner
“As the owner of a new restaurant in San Diego, I quickly realized the importance of making good decisions related to our marketing efforts. I inquired with a few local business owners and the one agency that was recommended numerous times was Alternative Strategies. I decided to meet and interview three agencies. It was very clear that Alternative Strategies was the right choice for City Tacos. Their passion and understanding for my industry was very obvious. Within a very short time, we were featured on various TV segments, reviewed by many newspapers, magazines and online publications. The exposure secured by Alternative Strategies resulted into an immediate increase in traffic and more catering than we ever imagined. I was clueless when it came to social media. With their support, we have a great following and the social media presence has been another unexpected great platform of business for City Tacos. I am very happy with their creativity, their turnaround time and the continued support they provide me.”
Gerry Torres, Owner
“TAVA adapted its economic development strategy for 2020 to focus on marketing and public relations by hiring the professional firm Alternative Strategies to catapult the Village and its businesses into a stronger advertising campaign which included multi-media, social media, and web-based exposure,” she said. “The collaboration of TAVA and Alternative Strategies brought about vast improvements in our marketing footprint including more than doubling our social media following and multimedia exposure while also increasing member involvement. TAVA will continue this commitment through December 2021 pushing the revitalization of the district back to prosperity.”
Luanne Hulsizer, Outgoing Executive Director


“I’ve been booking Alternative Strategies’ clients for several years now while working in local TV for 10 years at two news stations. I have a great working relationship with their team. They consistently send me segment ideas that work well for the FOX 5 San Diego show format. Their professionalism and reliability make my job much easier. I know they can always help me out.”
Aida Soria, Segment Producer
“Alternative Strategies continues to be a great resource in my work with Eater San Diego. Their office has excellent response time, which is essential given the pace of our coverage, and their representatives are always professional and thorough.”
Candice Woo, Founding Editor
“Working with publicists who respond immediately, always deliver accurate information, are proactive in their creative approach and take the time to know what materials I need for my stories definitely makes my job easier. Alternative Strategies delivers all of these things with grace and professionalism.”
Pam Kragen, Feature Writer
“I have worked with William Lopez and the Alternative Strategies team on a regular basis since 2005. As a magazine and book editor, my relationships with public relations professionals are crucial—I look to them as trusted, reliable news sources who make my job easier. William’s team epitomizes public relations done right. They do their research to understand my publications, readers and needs; and they send me newsworthy, relevant pitches and ideas that make sense. And when I need something—be it photos or a client interview—they drop everything to help me in a heartbeat. That’s actually pretty rare. I am so appreciative, and I enjoy working with his team immensely.”
Sarah Daoust, Editor
“During the pandemic, I profiled more restaurants and bars on NBC 7 than any other time in my career. The hospitality industry was bombarded with ever-changing rules, roadblocks, and challenges. Any day when I knew a restaurant was going to be front-and-center in the news, I immediately called William Lopez and his crew at Alternative Strategies. They get it. They understand the demands journalists face when it comes to getting a story done and getting it done well. At the same time, the marketing firm knows who to put in front of my camera for the greatest impact and exposure. Whenever I need to profile a restaurant or someone within the hospitality industry, I call William and his crew first.”
Joe Little, Reporter & Director of Storytelling
“I love waking up for the morning show at FOX 5 when I know I’m gonna work with Alternative Strategies. They are true professionals, and they always come with a smile on! Every time I share a vision I have for a TV segment, they make it come to life. They are reliable and always bring more than expected to the job. I love making TV magic with the crew from Alternative Strategies.”
Heather Lake, Reporter
“Working with William Lopez and the Alternative Strategies team is always a pleasure. The agency is not only a consistent source of interesting stories for Pacific San Diego Magazine, but also a terrific promotional partner. The Events Alternative Strategies has created and executed have generated great exposure and more for the magazine. Usually it’s the magazine providing exposure for PR firms.”
Leslie Hackett, Managing Editor
“As a longtime food writer for multiple publications, I am consistently impressed by Alternative Strategies’ professionalism in delivering information and story ideas that are credible and newsworthy. The agency is also excellent at providing materials and arranging interviews on very short notice when I’m faced with tight deadlines. This is a PR team that is always on the ball.”
Frank Sabatini Jr.
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