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Public Relations

Public Relations
Public relations is one of the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish dynamic business objectives. Alternative Strategies’ reputation is built on the development of sound strategic public relations campaigns to help companies build brand awareness, establish leadership, and drive demand for products and services to increase market share. We immerse ourselves in each client’s business, and are deeply committed to their success.

At Alternative Strategies, we pride ourselves on our innovative PR process, a tried-and-true methodology that has consistently delivered outstanding results for our clients. When you choose to collaborate with our agency, you become part of a dynamic and dedicated PR team composed of two highly skilled professionals. This unique team approach has been a cornerstone of our success for over a decade.

One key member of your PR team is responsible for media relations. Their primary focus is on cultivating and nurturing essential relationships with media outlets, journalists, and influencers. Through strategic networking and ongoing communication, they create a bridge between your brand and the media landscape. This connection results in a steady stream of secured PR opportunities that elevate your brand's visibility and reputation.

The other vital team member is dedicated to content creation and client outreach. They work closely with you to identify upcoming angles and newsworthy opportunities that align with your brand's objectives. Through meticulous research and collaboration, they craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. Their proactive outreach ensures that your brand's message reaches the right channels at the right time.

This holistic and integrated approach to PR sets us apart from the competition. By combining media relations expertise with strategic content creation, we amplify your brand's voice and influence in the market. Our proven track record of success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our PR team approach.

At Alternative Strategies, we don't just secure PR opportunities; we create lasting impressions, build brand equity, and drive meaningful growth for our clients. Experience the difference our PR process can make for your brand – a difference that continues to yield exceptional results year after year.

Put our talents to work for you:
  • PROACTIVE MEDIA OUTREACH including story identification
  • COPYWRITING – press releases, case studies, press kits, articles and more
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