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Marina's Bistro
Located in the Uptown area of Chicago, Marina’s Bistro is a hidden gem serving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. The restaurant offers a welcoming ambiance that’s perfect for intimate dining experiences. Marina’s menu features a carefully crafted selection of dishes that highlight the rich flavors of Puerto Rico. From classic Puerto Rican specialties to modern interpretations, every item on the menu reflects a passion for culinary excellence.

Tatas Tacos

With three locations in Lakeview, 6 Corners, and Portage Park, Tatas Tacos is more than just a quick food option. It’s a vibrant destination to eat, engage, and enjoy live entertainment. They specialize in authentic Mexican street food, serving up a delectable menu of tacos, burritos, and more. Beyond the delicious food, Tatas Tacos provides a lively atmosphere where patrons can savor both great cuisine and music, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking an immersive dining experience.

Adobo Grill

Located in Old Town and established in 2001, Adobo Grill is a staple in Chicago, redefining the Mexican dining experience with a modern twist. The restaurant’s menu boasts an array of bold and tantalizing dishes, including signature adobo-marinated selections and a wide variety of tequila options. The warm and inviting ambiance, along with their commitment to top-notch service, makes it an ideal spot for both casual dining and special occasions. Adobo Grill in Old Town is the place to savor the vibrant flavors of Mexico in the heart of Chicago.


Located in downtown Oak Park, Amerikas is a vibrant and diverse restaurant that takes guests on a culinary journey through the Americas. With a focus on Latin American cuisine, Amerikas offers a unique dining experience. Their warm and inviting ambiance, complete with colorful decor, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience, perfect for family gatherings, date nights, and special celebrations.

Cesar's Killer Margaritas

Nestled in the Lakeview neighborhood, Cesar’s Killer Margaritas is an award-winning destination for margarita enthusiasts in Chicago. With a commitment to excellence in mixology, Cesar’s offers an extensive menu of handcrafted margaritas that tantalize the taste buds. This lively establishment takes margaritas to a whole new level, using only the freshest ingredients to ensure each sip is a burst of authentic Mexican flavor.

Chicago Market

Highly anticipated and slated to open October 2024, Chicago Market is a community-focused grocery store committed to sustainability, quality, and local sourcing. As a cooperative, it aims to provide a unique and personalized shopping experience where members have a say in the products they carry and the store’s operations. The market prioritizes organic and locally-produced goods, reducing environmental impact and supporting the Chicago community. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, artisanal products, or eco-friendly options, Chicago Market is set to be the place to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for responsible and ethical consumption.


A beloved establishment since 1991, Vinci is a classic Italian restaurant located in the heart of Lincoln Park. Known for its timeless charm and delectable Italian cuisine, Vinci offers a warm and cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a rustic Italian trattoria. Their menu features traditional Italian dishes made from scratch using the finest ingredients. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, having a romantic dinner, or simply craving the taste of Italy, Vinci provides an authentic Italian dining experience that has made it a cherished part of Chicago’s culinary scene for over three decades.

Mirella’s Tavern

Step into the heart of Wicker Park and discover Mirella’s Tavern, where Chef José Rivera’s culinary prowess meets the vibrant spirit of Chicago’s dining scene. Named in honor of Mirella Franco, a beloved member of the community whose dream of owning a restaurant lives on through this establishment, Mirella’s Tavern offers an inviting atmosphere and a menu that celebrates the best of American cuisine with global influences.

Chef José, affectionately known as “Angry Chef José,” brings decades of experience to the table, infusing each dish with creativity and passion. Inspired by his own journey and the memory of Mirella Franco, Chef José crafts a menu that combines classic comfort with innovative flair.

Blazed Bakery

Blazed Bakery is a pioneering cannabis edible and lifestyle brand that aims to provide top-quality products and foster community engagement. Founded by two minority families, Blazed Bakery challenges stigmas in Illinois’ cannabis scene while delivering an innovative and welcoming experience with locations in Northbrook and now in Logan Square, Blazed Bakery offers expertly crafted treats, fair-trade tea and coffee, all in a space designed to unite people. Join us in celebrating Blazed Bakery’s commitment to quality, innovation, and community as it continues to make waves in the cannabis industry.
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